Egzekucija mladića u Siriji

Posted: 1st June 2013 by Mracnjak in Egzekucije, Ratne igre, Ubistva

Malo maltretiranja i headshot

  1. says:

    what & why so much killing……any body every body should gang up on these ruthless murders they can’t be killing for the sake of God or Allah ! they never mean any one be killed there’s never a just cause…the first commandment thou shalt not kill ! under whose authority do or does any person kill in the name of God or Allah…..I believe all of these people pretending to kill for any cause welding guns be it any where destroying life by butchery, torture is just plain murder who gave them the idea of doing such practices if the true officials of all these countries allow this sort of debutchery doesn’t say much for them an/or their faith they believe…they are the tale of satan all of this murders in Gods’ or Allahs’ name…every one of them should be rounded up and killed dead…..once they are put to rest there would be no helping hand for satan….not saying this for defaming any religion …..but the true God or Allah, of these killers is SATAN not from the true Allah or God !

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